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Keeping goldfish as pets


Many people like to have pets, some like cats or dogs while others prefer to have an aquarium with goldfish. However, there is a big difference in from having fish and a dog or cat. In this article, we will have a look at what you should do in order to ensure your pets are taken care of well.

Rearing fish as pets

Similar to other domesticated pets, like dogs and gold fishcats, fish have a long history. They were initially raised for food thousands on years ago in China. Goldfish belong to the carp family, and the ones we see in stores that sell them are mutations which ended up with orange, silver, and even black colors. Taking care of fish will not require too much work, and you can clean the tank every two weeks, but you will have to feed them on time which is an easy task. Let us look at what you need to start having some beautiful goldfish in your home.

An aquarium or bowl

There are various sizes available, and some are made of glass while others are made with plastic. If you want to have only a few, a bowl will suffice.

Oxygen and tank filter

It is important that the fish are given a clean environment to swim around in. Getting a filtration system would do the job well by taking in the water and filtering it. This will also help add oxygen to the water.

Plants and other additions

You can add some water plants and also a few toys that will make it look beautiful. These little additions will make the aquarium look nice, and you will also enjoy watching your fish swimming about.

gold fishLighting

Having proper lighting will give your aquarium a great look but be careful to use the correct one as a bulb which produces too much heat is not good for your fish. Ensure the tank is placed in a suitable location so that it gets enough ventilation and some darkness during the night.


From all the pets fish require the least amount of attention and care once you are set up. You must ensure that you feed them on time and also clean the tank regularly so that your fish stay healthy.